Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland first to gain Sustainably Sourced Plastic

June 28, 2023

Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland is the first packaging manufacturer in Northern Ireland to gain the Sustainably Sourced Plastics (SSP) Certification, and the first Greiner Packaging factory in the world to be awarded Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification.

Developed in conjunction with the BSI Flex 6228 Standard, SSP Certification provides an overall validation of the plastics packaging supply chain. This ensures that the required recycled content percentage can be traced and assured, from recyclers to manufacturers and retailers.

“From recyclers to manufacturers and brand owners, more and more elements of the supply chain are demanding ethical procurement of recycled plastics to meet customer demand,” says Sustainable Certifications Group (SCG) Senior Sustainability and Commercial Manager Andy Whyle.

“SCG manages, measures and monitors the whole supply chain, creating an evidence portfolio, with checks being made to validate material testing and in-process quality controls. Flex 6228 tests are used, for the plastics included in the standard, to create a material ‘fingerprint’. The combined findings are assessed, and when all requirements are met, the SCG Team award SSP Certification, clearly demonstrating legislation and customer conformance, such as UK Plastic Packaging Tax and ESG ethical procurement reporting.”

Find out more about SSP Certification here