Delayed Biodegradation Products Certification

A Certification Scheme for products that biodegrade after a set period of time


How DBP works

  • This Certification Scheme is under development as part of an Innovate UK Project.
  • The purpose of the Scheme is to validate that a material will biodegrade after a set period of time, once its purpose has been fulfilled, and subsequently not require to be collected.
  • The project itself emerged after pressure to eliminate plastic tree guards in forestry applications, which currently do not decay after they have accomplished their purpose (i.e. protecting a sapling until maturity over a 5 year period), and subsequently go on to constrict a tree’s growth, litter the forest floor or become marine pollution.
  • Other potential uses of delayed biodegradability have also come to the fore as the project has progressed

What does DBP Certification do for you?

It can independently assure the materials are tested , and the production processes have controls to ensure the continuity of the material specification, to ensure the properties of the materials remail unchanged.

It can assure supply chain businesses (especially brand owners and retailers)  that delayed biodegradation claims are externally and independently verified.

Our DBP ‘fingerprint logo can be used on your documentation, packaging and products to clearly identify that the materials have been produced to effectively biodegrade, to avoid ‘greenwash’ challenges by customers and possible prosecution by industry ‘watchdogs’ (i.e Competition and Marketing Authority, Advertising Standards Authority).

How does DBP support Material Manufacturers?
  • Sustainable certification can make you more attractive to Product manufacturers and stakeholders. 
  • Enables you tackle increasing market force pressures.
  • Potential end-to-end supply chain auditing makes SCG’s certification process a robust and complete assessment 
  • Materials can be tested by an approved testing facility and certified under our DBP certification.
  • Maximise client confidence and remove the risk of making fraudulent sustainability claims with a reliable and robust testing process.
What is the certification process for Material Manufacturers?
  • On site audit
  • Validation of testing, production process and controls to confirm Delayed Biodegradation material status.
  • Possible end-to-end supply chain audit, from certification of manufacturing, to licencing of products. 
Female worker in factory checking plastic bottles during production - Sustainable Certifications Group

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